“Pastoral folk music through a kosmische filter” Conor O’Toole, Underground of Happiness
“Heavenly debut…boldly experimental…Simply gorgeous” Nigel Williamson, Uncut Magazine
“Beautifully embroidered folk…sweetness and bite…A stimulating debut” Jude Rogers, The Guardian
“A rare, and rarefied, beauty” Andy Gill, The Independent
“Well worth investigating” Gideon Coe, BBC Radio 6 Music
“A profoundly powerful and quietly ambitious statement and one of the most distinctive debuts you are likely to hear all
“McVittie has made an album that is uniquely and distinctly her own. Without doubt one of the most inventive and
“A debut album which answers that much asked question “Where now for folk music?”…” Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture
“On We Are the Wildlife, Brona’s timeless and tireless psycho-geographic quest for the meaning and nature of ‘the Celtic heart’ is
“A debut album of serious quality. Inventive modern folk” Duncan Haskill, Songwriting Magazine
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