“Beautifully embroidered folk…sweetness and bite…A stimulating debut” ★★★★☆ Jude Rogers, The Guardian

“McVittie takes her inspiration from W.B. Yeats’s idea of a kind of Celtic phantasmagoria which can be felt but remains essentially ineffable, and has recorded a timeless mix of traditional and original material”★★★★☆ Mike Barnes, MOJO

“Heavenly debut…boldly experimental…Simply gorgeous” 8/10 Nigel Williamson, Uncut Magazine

“A rare, and rarefied, beauty” ★★★★☆ Andy Gill, The Independent“I can’t stop listening to this…it’s a really special album!” Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 6 Music

“A profoundly powerful and quietly ambitious statement and one of the most distinctive debuts you are likely to hear all year” Thomas Blake, FRUK

“Well worth investigating” Gideon Coe, BBC Radio 6 Music

“McVittie has made an album that is uniquely and distinctly her own. Without doubt one of the most inventive and exciting debuts you’ll hear this year” Jonathan Roscoe, Shire Folk Magazine

“On We Are the Wildlife, Brona’s timeless and tireless psycho-geographic quest for the meaning and nature of ‘the Celtic heart’ is potently voiced in music of subliminal beauty. Something of a landmark album, I say” David Kidman, FATEA Magazine

“Fantastic solo debut” Eileen McCabe, Irish Music Magazine

“Pastoral folk music through a kosmische filter” Conor O’Toole, Underground of Happiness

“Excellent folk opus” Pete Wiggs, The Séance

“McVittie’s music goes some way to showing us what Yeats was searching for” Nicky Crewe, Penny Black Music

“A debut album which answers that much asked question “Where now for folk music?”…” Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

“A debut album of serious quality. Inventive modern folk” Duncan Haskill, Songwriting Magazine

“Memorably evokes her native Co Down” Sarah Coxson, fROOTS

“An album full of inventive arrangements that is well worth a listen” Ian Croft, R2 Magazine

Order the limited-edition CD of We Are the Wildlife through Bandcamp and the Company of Corkbots label. We Are the Wildlife is available on all major digital platforms.


Under the Pines: Double A Side – 14 July 2017

“Relocates you to another place, somewhere magical and far from the fury and decay of modern day life” Mark Barton, The Sunday Experience

“Nature reverberates wonderfully in an alchemy of traditional and contemporary instrumentation, making for an exquisite listen from this post-folk electronic chanteuse” Across the Line, BBC Radio Ulster

“Pleasingly dreamy folk tones but with a strong and haunting undercurrent of otherworldliness…persuasive vocals up close and hushed…unexpected bass intrusions which call to mind the meditative trance compositions of Colleen…beautiful harp work in a rarefied folk setting”
Conor O’Toole, Underground of Happiness

“Stunning…gorgeous single” Alex Monachan, FRUK

“There’s no denying her sheer talent as a beautiful singer and harpist which is why we’ve chosen both songs as our Song of the Day” Folk Radio UK

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